Jadwin Gym Lobby Renovation

(Associate-in-Charge, with James Bradberry Architects)
Jadwin Gym is the home of Princeton Basketball, Tennis, Fencing, Squash, Track and Wrestling. Before the renovation, the entry lobby’s served as a box office and the original 1960’s finishes were worn and dated. The refreshed lobby enhances the guest experience while reinforcing Athletics’ visual identity. Ticket sales, which once dominated the space, now occur directly off the entry plaza under an illuminated canopy. Foodservice concessions are updated. Several spaces were added to the lobby: an athlete ‘fueling station,’ a meeting room, and a lounge for hosting VIPs and student-athletes. To be impactful within a limited budget, the design showcases curated displays of Athletics’ memorabilia and awards alongside low cost, yet eye-catching, flood graphics, banners, and display boards. New elements inside the lobby include pops of Princeton Orange that contrast with newly exposed concrete structural elements.